Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No more plastic shopping bags !

Bring Your Own Bag - Online Petition

There is a solution to polluting plastic bags in hedges, fences, blowing around the streets. STOP NOW. A tax would encourage people to take their own bags. The tax raised could be used to tidy up the mess.

In March 2002 the Irish government introduced a PlasTax levy on single-use plastic carrier bags (including biodegradable ones.) The scheme has been an extraordinary success, with consumption down by a staggering 95%. Prior to the introduction of the levy annual carrier bag usage in Ireland stood at 1.2 billion.

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Gerard said...

They lied! The Irish government based their tax law on the assumption that plastic shopping bags made up 5% of litter, when their own data put them at 0.75%. Plastic bags should not, of course, be in litter - but that is not the bag's fault - it is the litterer!

After the tax the level dropped to 0.25%, but bag use has not gone down by 95% as claimed - This figure is again a misuse of statistics.

Bag use was judged on the bases of tax receipts - b ut without proper policing of the tax, the receipts fell well short of actual bag umbers.

When numbers did increase, the Irish government used this as an excuse to raise the level of the tax.

Conclusion - the irish people (and those in other parts of the world who chose to beleiev the government there) were conned three times!


MyHaz said...

i think working on the subconscious level would be better, i mean walking around with plastic bags should be made to be tacky, it would much more "in" to have yourself some reuesables.

i tend to be big on subconscious persuasian, hehe