Tuesday, January 30, 2007

UK Government Recommends Vegan Diet!

UK Government recommends vegan diet

UK Government Recommends Vegan Diet!

Britain may need to ration animal products such as meat, chicken and dairy products such as milk and cheese if climate change runs out of control, suggests environment minister Ben Bradshaw (quoted in the London Metro)

Mr Bradshaw pointed out that livestock based food production did just as much damage as private transport and housing.

He spoke out as a new government website advised shoppers to help the planet by avoiding meat and cheese.

The www.direct.gov.uk/greenerfood website makes clear that eating beef, lamb, chicken and dairy products contributes to global warming because of the energy and land needed to rear animals. Sheep and cows also emit harmful methane gas.

See more of the UK Govt's advice on eating Vegan - Greener Food - Here

This news is welcomed by publishers of The RAVE Diet a sustainable diet for health and also the organisers of The International Vegan Festival in Bristol hoping to convert 20,000 people to a healthy and sustainable vegan diet this summer.

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Scott Hughes said...

I don't put to much value in what any government says, but I guess this good news for me since I'm a vegan.

Scott Hughes
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