Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BBC 2 Ethical Man Goes Vegan on Newsnight

ethical guy goes vegan on BBC 2 Newsnight program
BBC NEWS | Talk about Newsnight | Not on the label

Justin Rowlatt goes Vegan to reduce his Ecological footprint He says "I’m spending a month as vegan to see how cutting animal products out of my diet will affect my environmental footprint. It is surpisingly difficult to avoid animals; you'd be amazed how many foods contain animal products in some form or other."

Let's prove to him how easy and healthy it can be aswell as more environmentally friendly - send your practical solutions, ideas and favourite recipes to him at the BBC Newsnight Website

For people who wish to explore the solutions that veganism has to offer there's probably no better place than the Vegan Festival in Bristol this summer. Be there or be unaware !

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