Monday, January 29, 2007

Fast Food Nation - Eric Schlosser

The man who ruined our appetite | Food monthly | The Observer

Interview with Fast Food Nation author - Eric Schlosser

what I would say is: open your eyes. Don't lead a life that's unexamined. Realise that how you spend your money has a ripple effect. If you eat or shop in a certain place, that's like a vote - a vote for what they're doing. You're supporting that business. So be conscious and informed and give your money to the people who are doing things the right way. Open your eyes. Mine are wide open.' As he tells me this, Schlosser has the benign look of one who leads a good life, or has eaten a good lunch, or perhaps both - since in his eyes at least, they amount to pretty much the same thing.

· Fast Food Nation is released in the UK on 24 March

Fast Food Nation - The Book

Fast Food Nation - The Film

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