Friday, May 22, 2009

Vegan Heroes - Art- Pinky Binks

Vegan Heroes, Famous & Celebrity Vegans, & Quotes: National Vegetarian Week 2009 - Art- Pinky Binks

An installation to mark Smith's frontman Morrisey's 50th birthday and National Vegetarian Week

.....but is it art?

national Vegetarian week 2009 art

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Demelza said...

It certainly is Art. Art is expression which can be shared with others so they can observe, listen, or interact with the artists vision. When art is lowered to simply being aesthetically beautiful for the sake of being a form of entertainment then a powerful communicative method is lost.

The fact that Pinky is using such a setting (a slaughterhouse) and flowers (used as a symbol of remembrance after death) is a concept that is easy enough for a child to understand. And for an adult it will hopefully allow them to enter into deep thought about the whole issue of using animals for meat.