Monday, May 18, 2009

Naked Vegan - Are you getting it 5 times a day?

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Naked 5 a day - tibits makes vegetarian sexy on Twitpic

Are you getting it 5 times a day? tibits restaurant kicked off National Vegetarian Week with a BANG this morning as body painters spent 4 hours painting naked vegetarian model Juliet into '5 a day Eve'. (and now a little bit for the Sun/Daily Star readers)Aparently only 15% of us get it 5 times a day - asked if tibit's naked '5 a day Eve' had 'adam, the hot potato said "oh yes! I'm a very committed vegetarian- I take my 5 a day very seriously" As naked Eve bit on Adam's apple the were no worries of the May winds making her shiver.The gathered paparazzi all agreed - "this fruit is HOT!"

On thursday morning between 8-10am tibits are inviting journalists to decide if the McCartney clan are still the top hot dogs of the vegetarian world at a blind tasting of the UK's top veggie sausages and showcase of some of the UK's best vegetarian products. To be added to guest list please visit Tibits NVW Breakfast event

Accused of promoting vegan Porn a spokesperson said "this is art - just like the food at tibits" although not all tibits dishes are naked some have a lot more dressing. Telegraph Picture of the Day London Paper

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