Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Recipe for Roast Cat

roast cat recipe
YouTube - Cooking Kitty

Roast Cat Recipe - The Vegetarian Society launch a Delia Smith style recipe video to encourage consumers to seek alternatives to poor tortured battery farmed cows and chickens.

Feral and domestic cats are a environmental hazard and they breed like rabbits so The Vegetarian Society's video could prove a solution to global warming as mother's move from traditional Sunday roast beef and roast chicken recipes to Roast Cat.


Fourdogmom said...
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Tony - FoodsforLife said...

I agree roasted cat It's not funny.

The point is that people are frequently up in arms about cats and dogs and baby monkeys being eaten in the far east, or live shipments of lambs being sent to France but have no qualms about the battery raised pigs sliced up for their bacon sandwich or the milk stolen from the veal calf to make cheesey wotsits.

It's not meant as a joke it's meant to stimulate debate.

Thank you for caring enough to enter that debate.