Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Heather Mills to Open Seaside Cafe in Brighton

heather mills mccartney ex wife of sir paul mccartney has bought a vegetarian seaside cafe in brighton
Heather Mills snaps up favourite seaside café for vegan venture

Lady Heather Mills-McCartney probably back to Heather Mills now she is divorced plans to open a vegetarian seaside cafe in Brighton - well the next town on - Hove.

Animal Rights campaigner and strict Vegan, Heather 41 has taken over the Big Fish café in Hove, East Sussex.

Heather Mills used to eat there with Paul McCartney and their daughter Beatrice before the couple's divorce. "They'd have veggie breakfasts and soya milk tea," says the previous owner of the big fish café Nick Short. "Heather said she'd like to buy the place if it came on the market."

The sale went through with Heather Mills on Friday for £140,000 – £115,000 less than the original pre recession price of £255,000 Heather had allegedly originally verbally agreed to pay for the business.

Heather apparently plans to renovate the property and turn it into 100% vegan cafe restaurant removing all meat fish and other animal products from the menu.

It's thought Heather Mills and her daughter Beatrice may pop into the Brighton Vegan Fayre in The Brighton Centre on Saturday 21st March to get ideas for her new menu. There will be a big emphasis on healthy food at The Brighton Vegan Food and something for everyone with a cowboy style fast food bar, Vegan pirate salads and smoothies and a gourmet Penthouse restaurant in the Skyline with impressive views out to sea. Surprises such as vegan fish and chips , vegan steak salad, Vegan Sausage and Mash as well as some delicious traditional style fresh vegetable, nut and bean dishes will open people's eyes to the full potential of a healthy, sustainable, ethical vegan lifestyle.

Best suggestions so far for the new name of Heather Mills Seaside Cafe in Brighton is to change it from 'Big Fish' to 'Big Wish' or 'Small Fry' - 'Windy Miller's' is our top tip.

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