Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SALE: Alpro Provamel Soy Milk and Desserts

FOODBEV | Vandemoortele to sell Alpro soy foods division

The Last of the Independents?

alpro provamel soya products up for sale

Vandamoortele the Belgium company that owns Alpro/Provamel has put Alpro up for sale. They say they want to concentrate on the Food service and wholesale part of their business rather than products for consumers.

Alpro have recently re - re-branded their organic range back to the Provamel trademark but with new bright green packaging and a commitment not to sell this range to the supermarkets.

We sincerely hope that Alpro don't suffer the fate of Cranks Restaurants who got killed off (after a string of venture capitalists had bled the company dry) at the end of 2001 after 40 years of leading the world with vegetarian food.

In the hands of the right people Alpro could continue to be a leader in the healthy eating market and make healthy profits. So often companies with strong brands fall into the hands of investors who merely asset strip the company, they fail to understand the unique market products appeal to and the essence of the brand. Their egos deflated they get bored and just rape and abuse the company and it's customers until it fails.

Hopefully an ethically minded company such as Hain Celestial will be able to take the company on and nurture and improve it as they have done with Linda McCartney.


Nina E J said...

Alpro should never die out!

Improvedliving said...

Here we have yet another reason for me to come to London. I hope to be there in March, insh'Allah.

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