Friday, November 28, 2008

Linda McCartney Vegan Foods Sales Take Off

linda mccartney foods - sausages
Linda McCartney Food Sales Soar

Since the new owners of Linda McCartney Foods, Hain Celestial, have veganized and improved the nutrition value of the Linda McCartney range sales have rocketed.

Sales have risen to 10million and 57% in the last 12 weeks alone.

Sales have been boosted by the new higher protein hydrogenated fat free meat free sausages and the Linda McCartney soysage rolls. The frozen mince is back in production and Linda McCartney group sales have probably also been boosted by a new vegan frozen meat free chicken pieces (great with Satay sauce)

It's possible that sales of the Linda McCartney sausage rolls have also been boosted by Symington's faux pas. The new owner of Granose/ Direct Foods/Haldane Sosmix (the traditional principle ingredient for vegan sausage rolls and christmas stuffing) naievely added milk protein to the ingredients making the product unsuitable for millions of it's customers. Understandably there was uproar. Symingtons have recently revealed they have reformulated the product and that a dairy free vegan version will be available sometime in 2009.


ScouseVeg said...

Strange to read that because commenters posted over at our place say that the new recipes are terrible.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

That's not strictly true. They mostly say the pies are terrible not all the new recipes.

The trick is to cook them upside down (without the foil) then put them back in the foil, paint the tops with Plamil Mayonaisse and cook for another 10 minutes.

Your commentors also complain that the sundried tomato sausages are no longer available - it will take time for Hain the new owners to reformulate a more ethical, healthier recipe and then convince the Supermarkets whose sales of frozen foods have been dropping to restock.

It's always hard to please everybody - McCartneys main customers are meat reducers. We presume it was a sample of them, with their sweeter tooth that led to the new lower sodium flavour being chosen

dieciseissobresviaoral said...

I usually eat this sausages and I never read it contains milk protein!!