Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Barack Obama: Congratulations!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama "One Voice can change the World" - There's no doubt that TODAY November 5th 2008 will go down in history - no longer as Bonfire night / firework night / Guy Fawkes but the day that Barack Obama changed history, ended many years of struggle to deliver the hope of true equal rights in America to black people and gave hope to the rest of the world after years of terror and abuse of power under George W Bush.

Obama - Thank you for giving us back HOPE!

My hope? - Peace One Day for all Earthlings

Original Presidential Nomination Candidacy Acceptance Speech

Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity and Unyeilding Hope.

Barack Obama Presidential Acceptance Speech 5/11/08

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Alexia said...

Yeah he seems quite promising. Let's hope he adopts a rescue dog instead of buying one!