Monday, October 06, 2008

Cost of Iraq War - Wall Street Crash

Cost of War | National Priorities Project

click here to learn more reveals "The cost of the Iraq war to Britain is estimated to be as much as £10 billion, and the US government spends $10 billion dollars a month on the conflict.

But the cost is substantially more when hidden costs are taken into account. Who pays for after care for injured soldiers? Pensions and injury payments?

Joseph Stiglitz, leading economist and former head of the World Bank, has estimated that the total cost of the war to the US will be $3 trillion and $6 trillion to the world."

Perhaps Sir Bob Geldof should re record his song "I don't like (black?) Mondays" ? - The catalyst for todays Wall Street crash was the growing realization that the Bush administration's $700 billion rescue plan and steps taken by other governments won't work.

I'm not suggesting that the war in Iraq has bancrupted America and potentially all it's allies, I'm sure there are many other factors of Mr Bush's administration that have led to such a financial mess. I mean there's a war in Afghanistan too. The main war has been on the taxpayer a war waged by Bank executives who dished out billions of dollars of bonuses even though they had failed in their jobs and their responsibilities to shareholders.

A society that rewards greed and failure simultaneously has only itself to blame......

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