Monday, July 21, 2008

Veganism banned in Austria?

are right wing neo nazi politics still popular in Austria ?

UK Indymedia - About the Austrian animal rights prisoners

It seems the sausage loving Austrian Government are trying to make it illegal to be vegan in Austria

10 vegans were arrested in Austria in May and are still being held without trial including the chair of The Vegan Society in Austria

Obviously some traditions are still alive and flourishing in the Austrian administration system and hard to shake.

Face Book

Amnesty International

Austrian Vegan Society

Right wing and Neo Nazi nationalist organisations apparently still flourish in Austria.

Freedom Party of Austria

Alliance for the Future of_Austria

You can contact the Autrian Embassy here - Contact Austrian Embassy

Although I have second thoughts even as a vegan author let alone Turkish, Jewish or Homosexual leanings having just read about Austrian Politics and neo nazi popularity.


Syrlinus said...

What exactly was the charge and reason for them being held/arrested? The post doesn't indicate the reason why.

pavotrouge said...

isn't this a bit harsh? as a German, I'd like to point out that although Hitler was Austria-born, that doesn't justify making a connection to the Austrian government.

The guys were not arrested for being vegan, but being in animal rights groups that the government tries to accuse of building a criminal association, based on a law of the Austrian constitution but without any proof against them.

Though this is unreasonable and inhumane, it's not against veganism itself.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Thanks for comments

I would love some evidence that these vegans have broken some sensible law, that democratic socialism prevails in Austria and that people can no longer get arrested and psycologically tortured in Austria just because they don't like pork.

Can't find any so far...........

Time will tell I guess.

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Justice Fights Back

Vienna, 28th July 2008

Criminal Charges made against Austrian State Officials by Peter Pilz of the Austrian Green Party
In the scandal surrounding ten Austrian animal rights advocates detained in remand prison, Austrian Green Party security spokesman and leader of the parliament select committee on internal affairs, pressed today for criminal charges against two police investigators, a state prosecutor and two remand judges, who all stand now accused of abuse of authority, defamation and libel, illegal arrest and damage of property.