Wednesday, July 16, 2008

RSPCA Freedom Food Fake Farms

Fake Freedom at RSPCA Freedom Food Farms

Just goes to show if it's not vegan it's not cruelty free.

RSPCA fake Freedom Foods farce

Once again the farcical RSPCA Freedom Foods scheme has been exposed for not policing it's licensees and ensuring actual farm conditions live up to public expectations. The RSPCA need to take a leaf out of the Soil Association's book and make enforcement , infringement and trade descriptions abuse something to be feared rather than scoffed at.

The RSPCA are sitting back and nonchalantly allowing the whole scheme to fall into disrepute by failing to ensure animals do actually recieve the 5 freedoms they publicise.

1) Freedom from hunger and thirst
2) Freedom from discomfort
3) Freedom from pain injury and disease
4) Freedom to express normal behaviour
5) Freedom from fear and distress

You wouldn't think these could be so open to commercial interpretation and abused so dramatically but they frequently are. Normal behaviour for instance is interpreted by some farms as normal behaviour for a claustrophobic, caged hen with obscessive dementia and depression.

Despite numerous previous exposees by organisations such as The Hillside Animal sanctuary in Norfolk this is the first time that the RSPCA have finally agreed to launch a long overdue full and 'thorough' review of their Freedom Foods scheme.

All talk or more hollow promises to keep the millions of ££££s rolling in from the public ? We'll have to wait and see. At least this one farm has now been thrown out of the scheme and supermarkets may be prompted to carry out their own spot check quality control investigations to avoid loosing faith with their customers along with the RSPCA.

See video Channel 5 Report

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