Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pizza Express -What happened to the Vegan Pizza?

Pizza Express - loosing their minds or just their independence?

Pizza Express - a vegan history As World Vegan Day approaches we ask - "whatever happened to the Pizza Express perfect vegan pizza?" Remember that? - it was awesome - suits and punks together in Reading and Croydon salivating at the real McCoy - dairy free vegan pizzas to shout about.

Not your usual half hearted insult to your intelligence, 'can't be bothered to even try to please you' typical lack of catering effort.

A logical reason? - No one seems to know - but we have a theory. One of the owners of Pizza Express is Capricorn Ventures International Limited registered in The British Virgin Islands. See more here.

Capricorn, owners of Nandos and their MD South African little Charles Lux were behind the demise of the original Vegetarian restaurants, Cranks, started in Carnaby Street London in 1961 and who got bled dry, raped and pillaged, and eventiually shut down, just after Cranks 40th Birthday. Staff were made redundant a few days before Christmas in a move that warranted Capricorn nominating for the Dicken's Christmas Carol award!

Barely a few years later Capricorn were playing Scrooge again cancelling World Vegan Day Vegan Pizza Parties all around the UK just a few days before the event.

Did Capricorn have some kind of veggie vendetta? There seems no other logic to their madness.

The franchise and venture capital group has moved on (and the share price) maybe it's time to try again to help the Pizza Express chain see the sense in a vegan pizza? Read this first.

Contact Gondola Holdings

Contact Pizza Express

Ask them why - despite all the evidence and clear profitability that Capricorn was allowed to trash this initiative.

Currently Pizza Express is the only one with we know of with a dairy free / egg free pizza base but please ask these others about vegan pizzas, dairy free pizza bases and how they can justify charging the same price for a pizza without the vegan cheese!

Contact easyPizza - Contact Pizza Hut - Contact Dominos Pizza - Contact Perfect Pizza - Contact Papa Johns Pizza - Contact Pizza Go Go - Contact Pizza Joe

For Wholesale Vegan Pizza toppings and ingredients such as meat free pepperoni, vegan chorizo, meat free minced beef and superb vegan dairy free melting mozarella see Vegan Pizza Toppings

For Vegan Consultancy Pizza execs should contact MiV

See the Healthy Pizza Recipe with 64 Ingredients - Ethical Pulse

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