Thursday, September 06, 2007

Kate Moss Chooses Vegan

Moss’ new beau is rocker Jamie Hince -International Buzz-Entertainment-The Times of India

kate moss Croydon girl Kate Moss seems to finally be taking steps to getting nihilistic drug fuelled Pete Doherty out of her system. Helping with the purge is Jamie Hince a guitarist with the indie rock group The Kills, a self proclaimed 'vegan chain-smoker'! Kate & Jamie sparked the rumours of them being in a relationship, because of a 30-hour drinking session at a London pub.

Jamie was named as one of the world's sexiest vegetarians earlier this year. Although Kate Moss looks like the media's stereo-type impression of a vegan it seems she doesn't eat much of anything. A good healthy vegan diet maybe exactly what she needs after all that alleged boozing and drug taking with Pete Doherty.

However from the look of vegan Jamie Hince, his self professed chain smoking and the fact that the relationship with Kate is started on the basis of late night drinking it sounds like health, diet and nutrition won't be featuring very high up on their list of priorities.

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