Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ethical Sunblocks and Suntan Cream

Bring on the sun - Times Online

organic natural sun block and sun cream -vegan
Bit late I know but I'm just back from Sunny Beach in Bulgaria - These same two natural ethical organic Sun Tan Lotions / Sun Creams /Sun screen that scored 4 stars are the same we took with us. They were so effective they lulled me into a false sense of security and the one afternoon I was playing on the beach without them I got slightly burnt. I can thus recommend them.

The whole sun cream thing isa catch 22 situation - you need the sun for vitamin D - but burning isn't going to do you any good at all.

Here's what the Sunday Times said

6 Yaoh organic hemp seed oil

SPF15, £9.95 for 240ml - The white cream has a pleasant coconut smell and rubs easily into the skin. And my pallid skin has remained that way, no sunburn. Although it has an organic tag, this sunblock contains a host of chemical-sounding ingredients and only certain ones are certified organic. However, farther down the list is organic olive and hemp oil, and aloe vera. Yaoh claims the chemicals it uses are the least damaging available, as well as being vegan.

Hemp Sun Cream - Hemp Sun Block

Stockists 0117-923 9053 Tested by Claire McDonald

3 Green People sun lotion - SPF15, £15.99 for 200ml

The nicest thing about this suncream is its delicious cool fragrance. It was easy to apply, too, without any residual stickiness. The ingredients include edelweiss, green tea and avocado, and a couple of scientific-sounding things – phenoxyethanol and ethyhexyglycerin – which may have something to do with the product’s suntan accelerator. It did prevent my fair skin from burning, so definitely one for the holiday suitcase.

Stockists 0808 1003102; - Tested by Ann Brady

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