Monday, February 12, 2007

Vegan Diet more effective than Green Cars

Forget a Prius. Eat a felafel - Haaretz - Israel News: "Ever since Leonardo di Caprio, Julia Roberts and the other Hollywood superstars discovered the Prius, the hybrid car has become the symbol of the consumer battle against global warming. But few consider that a much more efficient, cheap way to prevent sea levels, floods and droughts from devastating the planet as we know it, is to turn vegetarian.

A study 'Earth Interactions - Diet, Energy and Global Warming' published last year shows that a person adopting a vegetarian lifestyle, including no components from the animal world, contributes more to halting global warming than a person who abandons his regular car for a Prius.See

Shifting gears to a Prius saves more than a ton of carbon-dioxide emission a year, while adoptin vegetarianism saves at least 1.5 tons of carbon-dioxide emission a year."

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Andrea said...

Very true. Thanks for sharing and investing your time in this blog. I will make a link in mine. I am not vegetarian. But definitely 95% of my food is vegetables. Sometimes I need some meat though. But your blog made me think. Peace. XA