Wednesday, February 28, 2007

LBC Radio

LBC Radio Goes Veggie

Tony Bishop Weston from Foods for Life London Nutritionists and Sri Diamond from Lifescape magazine took part in a phone in on vegetarianism on LBC today.

Following LBC's James O'Brien committed meat eater being succesfully converted to vegetarian ways vegetarianism is now infectiously starting to spread at LBC.

vegetarian friendly meat-eater James Obrien

Jim Davis interviewed his cousin on LBC today to find out why she's been vegetarian for 25 years. Listeners called in to ask questions of Tony from London Nutritionists Foods for Life and Sri from Lifescape magazine.

Jim Davis LBC

A few people called and said they'd had to go back to eating meat for health reasons and Tony and Sri explained that all key nutrients were available from a vegetarian or even vegan diet but that you must replace the meat in your diet with suitable sources of plant based protein and that even preconverted omega 3 essential fats vegetarian DHA and EPA were now available in a vegetarian form.

A gentleman called to say his Indian father had been a vegetarian all his life avoiding nearly all animal products and lived very healthily to the age of 93.


Renegade said...

I like vegetables, but nothing is better than going out into the woods in the morning and smoking a fresh deer roast in the afternoon.

Check out Renegade's BS

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

Psychopaths Anonymous

I guess it could be worse ... you could be gunning down small children or stabbing people in the mall.

Perhaps you Could try hunting with Dick Cheney?

Andréa N. said...

Loved your blog, Tony. Will come back. Go Veg!

The Crazy King of Clowns said...

Congrats on getting inducted into the Blogs of Note!!!

Keep up the good work!

Caron said...

Hi, Tony. I too tried veggie then vegan, but I didn't know enough about combining. I'll be checking out your info.

endofmyrope said...

Nice blog, Tony. I think a lot of people would stop eating meat if they saw the process involved in raising and slaughtering the animal before it was neatly packaged on the supermarket shelf.

My neighbor, who is sort of a macho guy, visited a slaughterhouse once and never ate meat again after witnessing the process.

My roommate is a walking vegetable but all he eats is meat. Maybe it's a combination of all the meat and alcohol that fried his brain.
My Life In Hell

Kristin said...

It is common for Indian vegetarians to consume milk and milk products, and they often also give their children the occasional egg. Many vegetarians modify the diet somewhat for children, as their diet needs are unique from adults.

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

I think if hindhus, jains and sikhs knew how animals were treated in the european factory farming systen they wouldn't touch dairy or eggs.

You are right, children have very specific nutritional needs but it's human milk they need not cows milk.

Many children from asian, african and even indian backgrounds will have inherited food intolerances to dairy products.

Medini said...

Great Blog Tony ! Yes, most Indians are vegetarian. In fact, there are so many
Indian recipes
with vegetables and legumes that can make going vegetarian very easy....cause you don't miss out on "taste". Meats have a very strong taste and most people going vegetarian try to do that unsuccessfully by eating vegetables that are bland and have no taste or eat a lot of salad greens.
I love meat myself but a real good - Aloo
Methi Bhaaji
(Potato & Fenugreek Vegetable) with Chappati
(Indian flat bread) is no match even for an awesome steak dinner.