Thursday, October 19, 2006

World Vegan Day 2006

World Vegan Day is almost upon us. On November the 1st 2006 people from around the world - from Canada to Australia will be celebrating Veganism's 62nd Birthday.

Please let us know about your event - Post a comment below.

Contact your local health food store and organise free World Vegan Day tastings of delicious vegan food, contact local pubs and restaurants and see if they'll put on a special World Vegan Day dish , contact your local school and see if they'll let you give a talk about making a difference to people, animals and the environment, contact your local papers or local radio and see if they will feature a vegan chocolate cake recipe a free World Vegan Day giveaway of vegan products or a discussion about veganism. You could also arrange a display in your local library or leisure centre of health club for World Vegan Day

Contact your local vegetarian & Vegan group to find out what they are up to and offer your help.

Above all, even if it's just getting a few friends around for a vegan chocolate fondue and a few bottles of German Beer to toast the founder of Veganism Donald Watson Please have fun and celebrate the lifestyle that benefits people, animals and the environment!

World Vegan Day November 1st Count Me In Calendar

World Vegan Day UK 2006

World Vegan Day in London

World Vegan Day Austrailia

World Vegan Day Essex

Austrailan Youth Hostel Association - World Vegan Day

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Glasgow - Mono - Half price food for World Vegan Day!

World Vegan Day

World Vegan Day

New guides from The Vegan Society are available and free to download

Veganism and the Environment - Free Booklet

Veganism, Vegan Nutrition and Health - Free Booklet

Why Vegan? - Free Booklet

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Lelly said...

We're organising a whole week of events to raise money for an animal sanctuary and generally promote veganism.

Check out our website @