Monday, August 14, 2006

Milk "Less Fresh" scheme costs £1m

BBC NEWS | England | Cornwall | Dairy farmers get 1m for upgrade

More than £1m of EU funding has been awarded to Cornish dairy farmers to help them improve their facilities.
The Objective One money has come from Cornwall Enterprise's Dairy Collect service. It aims to make the industry more sustainable in the county.

As part of the scheme, milk on farms is chilled more efficiently and in larger quantities, so buyers' tankers can visit every other day instead of daily.

Nearly 90 farms will benefit from the next round of cash.

Not only will this be another nail in the coffin of the Dairy Industry as it ensures milk is less fresh but also will offer incentives to farmers to include milk contaminated with pus, ivermectin, anti biotics and other contaminates to reach volumes required for bonusses.

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Raylon said...

Good to see an industry built on cruelty launching a program that just makes them look lazy and introduces un-needed risk into their stolen 'product'. I hate to, but can't wait until the new procedure has a breakdown and dairy products are either recalled, or worse, someone gets sick.