Monday, August 28, 2006

Burger King Extremists Bid to Save The World

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Oliver Burkeman reports on 'extreme dining' in the US

Fast Food Giants Do The World A Favour.

The Final Solution - Natural selection - Save the World! - Kill the really dumb people!

Burger King and other Fast Food Giants in the USA have finally realised the only sustainable way forward for the planet and the human race is veganism. Having failed to entice their clientele with vegan offerings of fresh fruit and salad and other "healthy options" they have realised that some of their customers are just too dumb to see sense. The final solution? Give them enough rope to hang themselves - kill them off as quickly as possible - enter the "Burger King Stacker Quad" , Denny's Extreme Grand Slam Breakfast or Hardee’s Thickburger (for real thickies?) 70% of your recommended daily calorific intake in a single meal!

And they call PeTA members and vegans extremists?!?!??

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