Saturday, February 11, 2006

Dutch to cull 3,500 pigs over dioxin

Dutch to cull 3,500 pigs over dioxin : "The Netherlands will cull about 3,500 pigs after the carcinogen dioxin was found in animal feed, announced the Dutch food safety authority VWA "

Pig fat with high levels of dioxin was an ingredient in their pig feed - Food safety officials have said the contamination came from a gelatin-making process at Belgian firm PB Gelatins.

You would think that the Meat and farming industry would learn from the BSE tragedy that turning animals into cannibals is a mistake. Cheap waste products in is a recipe for disaster.

Author of the Vegan cookbook by Hamlyn Tony Bishop-Weston said
Ironically it is probably the farming industry itself that has most contributed to the rise in popularity of the vegan diet over recent years. Time and time again Farmers vindicate the logical arguments of pro vegan organisations

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