Thursday, December 01, 2005

Cook Book- Diets, vegan, recipes, vegetarian

Top Ten Pick of the Cookbooks - Cook Book - Diets, vegan, recipes, vegetarian

The perfect recipe book for the cook who has everything - the cook book that no good housekeeping fan should be without. Full of innovative recipes you wont find in Betty Crocker, Fanny Farmer, Homes and Garden, Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay cook books and with more colour photos than Moosewood by Mollie Katzen or artfull vegan. No wonder the cook book has many top reviews and is featured on the BBC ,Veggievision. and all good book shops.

Vegan features recipes with an emphasis on nutrition and health that are turning the minds and hearts of committed flexitarians and meat lovers not just vegetarians, vegans and those wishing to get more fruit and vegetables into their diet.

The cook book even appeals to diabetics, weight watchers, south beach diet and low carb chocoholics as although not a diet book as such it follows basic principles for a healthy diet that have been shown in a recent study to assist healthy weight loss.

The chocoholics section with non dairy ice cream and chocolate cake, cookies and dairy free desserts leave you in no doubt that these vegan home and garden recipes are to be enjoyed.

There is a handy nutrition and health section with healthy diet advice on key vitamins, minerals, essential fats and other vital nutrients.

More - Published by Hamlyn Authors Tony & Yvonne Bishop-Weston.