Monday, July 11, 2005

Vegan Cars - fuelled by chip fat and vegetable oil

vegetarian cars- vegan fuel Cruising in Vegetarian Cars with Biodiesel Biofuel | "Most of us drive vehicles with ravenous appetites for gasoline. Steve Morrison drives obliviously past gas stations in a car with an aroma that stimulates people's appetites.

'When I drive past my friends, they all tell me they get hungry,' the Lake Wales resident says. 'It has the smell of food cooking.'
Two homemade bumper stickers on Morrison's 1979 Mercedes 240D sedan hint at the reason. One proclaims, 'My Car Is A Vegetarian.' Another reads 'Your French Fries Give Me Gas.'

Morrison and a few friends in south Polk County have wedged themselves into a tiny niche of alternative fuels, running their cars on discarded vegetable oil previously used to fry fish, egg rolls and -- of course -- french fries in local restaurants. It's an experimental venture pitched well below the radar screen of any established fuel markets.

Morrison, 54, was driving a Toyota pickup truck until two years ago, when he became interested in 'biodiesel,'"

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