Thursday, July 03, 2014

Vegan Cookbook and healthy recipes

The Vegan Cookbook: Over 80 plant-based recipes (Hamlyn Healthy Eating)Best Vegan Cookbook easy quick gourmet Vegan recipes Only £4.79

Tony Bishop-Weston Vegan Cookbook

Vegan Chef Tony Bishop-Weston first wrote the first edition of The Vegan cookbook to mark the Diamond Jubilee, 60th Anniversary, of The Vegan Society in 2004

"The cookbook was a bit of ahead of it's time in 2004, back then ingredients such as quinoa and agave syrup weren't so well known, 10 years later they are easily available in the supermarkets and people won't find them so strange"

Meanwhile thanks to everyone's hard work interest in veganism has grown enormously , one look at Google trends over the last 10 years will prove that."

Vegan Cookbook Celebrates 70 years of Vegan

The Vegan Society 70th Anniversary, Tony's 20th anniversary as a vegan and 10 years of UK Vegfests seemed the perfect moment for Hamlyn to publish the Vegan Cookbook in it's new A5 format and a kindle version.

Vegan versions of banoffee pie, omelette, the ultimate pizza recipe , chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake are ingenious, healthier and delicious. Photos are great and the nutrition reference section is handy for new and old vegans alike.

Over 80 delicious recipes with a handy nutrition reference section by Harley Street Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston

Due to be released Mon 7th July

BUY NOW - The Vegan Cookbook: Over 80 plant-based recipes (Hamlyn Healthy Eating) -£4.79

Kindle version also available - The Vegan Cookbook on Kindle - Buy Now £3.99

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