Friday, November 16, 2012

The Future's Bright The Future is Vegan

1 | Biz Stone Explains Why Twitter's Co-Founders Are Betting Big On A Vegan Meat Startup | Co.Exist: World changing ideas and innovation

This is no ordinary Meat Free analogue meat alternative. This is Twitter - rific vegan meat. You really know something is about to change when the big boys and their investment houses get involved.

At last seems we have hit critical mass, the hundreth monkey syndrome - vegan beyond meat that actually tastes like meat.

My one reservation about Beyond Meat is that they didn't add some vitamin B12. Then I'm sure they could have legally claimed Beyond Meat is better than meat. It seems an obvious thing to miss, but possibly easily rectified.

With the big muscle of the social media champions Twitter behind it,  the British retail industry has a big shake up on their shelves ahead of them. Sainsbury have a few Linda Mccartney like sausages, Asda have some vegan chicken pieces, Tesco have some new Free From dairy products but not much for vegans. Generally UK supermarkets are behind the US on the vegan front where A listers such as Bill Clinton, Oprah and blockbuster film producer James Cameron are all getting their teeth into good vegan food.

This side of the Atlantic the supermarket shelves are dominated mainly by Quorn, which contains egg, is dry and bland, expensive, sometimes also has dairy in it, is lower in protein and lacks essential fats.

Cauldron, a sister company often gets a look in but despite being tofu based still resorts to egg to hold it together.

Linda McCartney once the nation's favourite have been gradually squeezed out by Quorn but only have themselves to blame as they too unecessarily resort to cheese, egg and dairy in most products.They are still shaking off the scandal of the hydrogenated fat that British TV backstabbed them with.

Beyond Meat is not just egg and dairy free it's even wheat and gluten free featuring an inspired mix of  pea and soy protein with amaranth ( a legendary Mexican pseudo grain) and carrots!

If it tastes as good as just about everyone is saying it does then it's not just Quorn, Cauldron, and Linda McCartney foods that should be quaking in their has been vegetarian Quakers' boots - it's the bulk of the British Meat Industry

They'll probably still be a market for free range organic specialist meats but cheap factory farmed meat will surely be obsolete, what would be the point? It's a total no brainer. Why would you risk your health and survival of the planet over such a denatured, bacteria laced product ?

Why would you eat meat and risk heart disease, diabetes, altzhiemers, certain cancers and a host of other diseases in addition to helping to cause environmental catastrophe when you can tuck into something as allegedly delicious as Beyond Meat? It's beyond me !


jonathan barker said...

excellent article. things are turning the corner. America has turned it britain will follow. Maybe 2012 was the year we spiritually started to truly evolve in consciousness.

jonathan barker said...

excellent article