Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Egg row cracks India's Vegetarian Congress - Telegraph

Egg row cracks India's Vegetarian Congress - Telegraph

The Vegg - Vegan Egg that Indian Vegetarians can eat

What came first? The Vegetarian or the Egg.?

Indian Vegetarians are revolting- against the International Vegetarian Union IVU and it's insistence that eggs are vegetarian.

The row is no yolk and it has been boiling for some time. Basically the Indian Vegetarians feel the idealogy of vegetarianism has been poached and whisked up into a hard boiled concept that's left egg on the faces of UK based IVU. In an eggshell the Indian vegetarians feel their devine inspired definition of a plant based diet is a supreme one, not a half baked omelette of scrambled philosophical thoughts.

So just who are the rightful Guardians of the definition of vegetarian? "Who cares" say the vegans, until you get all animal products out of the diet it's not truly healthier, it's not truly sustainable and it's not truly avoiding the unnecessary slavery and torture of animals.

Meanwhile more and more people tread the Plantarian pathway of health and sustainability than ever before irresepective of the pedantic semantics of the self appointed vegetarian librarians. The Pythagorean , Hindhu , Jain and Buddhist principles that spawned the worldwide veganism of presidents and Hollywood stars are now so far out of Pandora's box that they have a self perpetuating life of their own.

Veganism has finally reached critical mass, look out cruel world for the meek are inheriting your debt.(and frankly they are a bit indignant)

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