Monday, January 11, 2010


MATT & NAT | Luxury, eco-friendly, vegan handbags and accessories

A HAND - BAG? A vegan HAND BAG? A stylish, utterly exquisite looking, luxury, ethical, vegan HANDBAG?


When he was 18 years old, Inder Bedi was challenged to forego animal products for thirty days. Upon graduating university, Inder set out to create an accessories brand that, although vegan, was first and foremost beautiful, understanding that the two could co-exist.

Now thirteen years later, he sits at the helm of one of Canada's premier accessory brands, MATT & NAT, garnering international recognition, and the originator of vegan luxury.

Samsara is his latest venture: a collection of vegan accessories with the intention to affect change both locally and globally.

For every bag sold, ONE DOLLAR is donated to a non-profit organization of your choice. That means that every bag found on any shelf across Canada represents one dollar that will be donated at the end of the season.


Ryo said...

Nice hand bag.....
I like it.

busybeeson said...

Very cool bags! It's so hard to find good vegan and vegetarian products. I actually started a blog/shop with all vegan products because I had such a hard time finding good vegan products. If you want, you should check it out. It's one of my blogger blogs called "vegetarian fashion".