Wednesday, November 11, 2009

World Diabetes Day 14th November

Healthy Eating & Nutrition News: World Diabetes Day 14th November

A group of health professionals gathered a group of diabetics and sucessfully reversed their diabetes just by eating vegan wholefoods.

Lets put health back in the hands of the people rather than leaving them at the mercy of the profit machine of the pharmaceutical industry. Empowerment through knowledge and diet

A cure for Diabetes?

Take 6 people and reverse their diabetes just through Diet?

Drugs are killing people.

Processed food is killing people.

If you really want to get well then try this approach, if it doesn't work what have you got to lose? You'll still be on the drugs. You'll still be ill.

If it does work, with the supervision of your doctor you can gradually wean yourself off any drugs that you don't need any more.


Niki said...

I watched the DVD you are referring to with my parents - my Dad is diabetic. Sadly, he hates the idea, but in good news, his blood sugar has dropped steadily since eating vegan! Proof is in the vegan pudding!

Matt Stone said...

There are several ways to drop blood sugars and reverse diabetes. Vegan is just one route. I'm about to publish an eBook on the subject by the end of the year. You should check it out. Plenty of Fuhrman, Barnard, and Julian Whitaker in there to appease the vegan in you.