Tuesday, October 06, 2009

PETA try to advertise on Police Cars

California, USA
PETA Media Center > Recent News Releases : PETA Offers to Take Sting Out of Budget Woes by Placing Pro-Vegan Ads on Californian Police Cars

PETA sent a letter to Vallejo Police Chief Robert W. Nichelini offering to buy advertising space on the city's police cars to tout the benefits of going vegan. PETA's request follows news reports stating that the Vallejo Police Department is outsourcing report transcriptions to save money. The ad would feature PETA's "Lettuce Lady," a sexy blonde wearing a lettuce-leaf bikini alongside the tagline "'Lettuce' Serve & Protect--Vallejo's Health, the Environment, and Animals. Go Vegan!" PETA has also offered to send one of its Lettuce Ladies to unveil the new ads.


livingroovy said...

This makes me sick. Why in the world must PETA insist on campaign after campaign so rampant with sexism?

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

I presume because sadly

1) A "Vegan has Potluck Dinner" headline doesn't make the papers
2) The people who most need to hear the word vegan, and link it to health and beauty in their subconscious are the people who read the newspapers that only talk about celebrities, TV, war, drugs, sport, sex, breasts and bums.
3) It works - love em or hate em people know PeTA and what they stand for - sexy veganism.