Tuesday, September 08, 2009

999 Emergency In London's Unhealthiest Borough

The Meat Free Day in Croydon Campaign

09/09/09 = 999 = Emergency! A great day to launch a campaign to save the health of London's unhealthiest borough, Croydon!


The 9th September 2009 (999) seemed the perfect date to launch a campaign by a consortium of different groups and companies to tackle Croydon’s emergency health situation.

Croydon’s Health Problems

Croydon’s dire health situation mirrors the plight of the planet. If something isn’t done soon the future looks bleak. Rising childhood obesity in Croydon is now approaching the thousands and Croydon topped recent league tables winning the title ‘Unhealthiest borough in London’

Meat Free Monday Solution

London Nutritionist Yvonne Bishop-Weston says one solution is to promote having a meat less day once a week, a Meat Free Monday as Vegetarian Paul McCartney and celebrity pals urged, or a Flesh Free Friday as the church used to advocate. “It’s not more meat that we need to improve Croydon’s health, it’s more fruit and vegetables that we need in our diets. Very few people in the UK manage to reach the NHS target of 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day and the actual optimal target is even higher (5 portions of veg and 3 of fruit)” says the nutritionist.

Health & Sustainability Campaign Coalition to Target Croydon

Having won the title of unhealthiest borough in London Croydon is now a prime target for a number of different environmental, health and animal welfare organisations.

* Croydon Friends of the Earth plan to launch a Food Chain Campaign about animal feed
* Animal Aid have launched www.meat-free-monday.com
* The Vegetarian Society are launching a healthy eating project
* The Vegan Society has launched two catering guides one for restaurants and one for hospitals and care homes. They also have a CD Rom for schools.
* Foods for Life Nutrition and Health Consultancy in Croydon is targeting parent groups, offices and restaurants with their CHOP Healthy Business Awards
* Passion for the Planet Digital Radio Station is launching a ‘Munch Less Meat’ campaign
* Viva! have launched Fruity Fundays – Choose Your Veggie Days

Croydon based Young Indian Vegetarians, SEAR, Yaoh, Croydon Vegetarians, Oasis Natural Health, Foods for Life, Off the Hoof magazine, Veggievision , Plamil, Redwoods, Beanies and Lush are all working on a health and sustainability family fun day at Fairfield Halls on November 1st that will encourage people to eat less meat.

See www.croydon.ecoveggiefayre.co.uk and www.meatfreecroydon.blogspot.com for more information.

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