Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vegan Environmental Awards

Bristol Vegan Fayre 2008!!! - Vegan Environmental Awards

Here are the results of the Vegan Awards 2008, presented every year at the Bristol Vegan fayre but voted for by the public.

No huge surprises given the context of the awards - though encouraging to see Booja Booja stuff in a tub ice cream as a winner - this is truly amazing and well worth hassling your local independent health food store to stock it. Delicious and healthy a rare combination in the world of desserts it is a nutritionists dream come true - it tastes like Häagen-Dazs but is raw, organic, free from processed sugar - it's vegäandazs!

The results of 5 months of voting for the World’s best in the vegan circles has been announced,
Benjamin Zephaniah
The Vegan Magazine
Andrew Tyler from Animal Aid
Booja Booja Ice Cream
the Bristol Vegan Fayre
Bristol Vegans

To nominate your worthy suggestions for the 2009 awards please email Tim Barford at Yaoh Hemp foods the organiser or Karin Ridgers at Veggievision now.

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