Saturday, May 03, 2008

Vegans out Rock National Vegetarian Week

Vegan Greens will Rock UK in World's biggest Vegan Festival and Music Event

vegan bad manners to Rock Bristol event

Bristol Greens and Vegans are set to out rock all the other events for National Vegetarian Week and National BBQ week with an awesome line up of Reggae, Rock, Ska, Pop and Jazz on the 31st May and 1st June.

It's not just vegan food and talks anymore - The annual Bristol Vegan Fayre event has morphed into a monster ethical party in Bristol harbour part green fair, part music festival, part food fayre, part vegan congress and rally - it's difficult to put your finger on the true essence of The Bristol Vegan Fayre apart from ethical fun and frollocks.

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Aswad, Dreadzone, Misty in Roots & Bad Manners head up Bristol’s premier Multi Cultural Music Festival May 31st June 1st 2008 for only £12 for the whole weekend!!!!

Reggae Stars head for Bristol Vegan Event

Vegans to Rock Bristol harbour in National Vegetarian Week Event

Vegan Display Bad Manners in Bristol

Green Vegan Event to Rock UK


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