Monday, January 21, 2008

Paul McCartney on ITV ITN News at Ten

ITV - Paul McCartney on ITN News at 10

paul McCartneyPaul McCartney is interviewed by ITN News at Ten to draw attention to The United Nations Livestock's Long Shadow Report and how veganism can help to save the planet from catastrophe.

He's been veggie for 30 years but says that the fact that meat eating experts at The United Nations have now admitted cattle rearing is devastating the planet and more harmful to the planet than the effects of all cars and planes, many more ordinary people should sit up and listen.

Sir Paul credits Linda McCartney with turning the family vegetarian but apparently she said it was his decision, Sir Paul said Linda said "it was you that said it you know!"

Sir Paul sidestepped talking about his second wife's long term vegetarianism but she is now vegan and campaigning with UK vegetarian charity Viva!

He admit's despite all the clear evidence that a veggie lifestyle is better for the planet and better for health, people are unlikely to change overnight.

The repercussions if we don't change will be catastrophic for the planet, no habitable land , no water, no clean air - what sort of legacy is that to leave our children.

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Alexander said...

This is a really good idea of Paul McCartney to make this special appearance on the News At Ten programme. Encouraging others to become vegetarian could bring about so many benefits, if you manage to convert anyone. I was pleased to learn recently that he's now gone all the way and become vegan. Even better though than making a one off television appearance would be to present a series of programmes on the merits of becoming vegan. Each episode could address a certain beneficial aspect. Being Paul McCartney, it's likely he would draw a huge audience. And he would have plenty of money to make the programmes as good as possible