Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heather Mills McCartney Says Cut Down on Dairy!

Heather McCartney / Mills Wants People to Cut Down on Dairy and go vegan

heather mills Paul mccartney's wife says go vegan

Lady Heather Mills McCartney is on a mission to expose meat and dairy as being more damaging to the environment than cars and planes. She quoted figures from the United Nations report on agriculture - Livestock's long shadow.

"When (Viva!) told me it was 18 percent, that's more than all global transport, I was in shock. Airplanes only bring 3 percent, while they are being picked on with taxes," she said Monday.

"We are the only species that drinks another person's milk" she said.

"It's mad that we are having cow's milk. Even cows don't drink it after one year but we continue forever."

She challenges environmentalists and greens like Al Gore who haven't yet gone vegan and says "they haven't got a leg to stand on!"


Anonymous said...

its hard to respect anything she says when there are pictures of her wearing a fur coat. She claimed it was her mothers and she just wore it right after her mother passed when in reality it had been i think 8 months or so after her mothers passing....

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

She's worked hard for Viva anyway

Dalia said...

We are not the only spieces drinking milk, some snakes "steal" milk from cows. Promote veganism, but go with real facts!

glenn said...

Climate effects of meat and dairy depend on whether grain fed or grass fed. Grass fed can sequester carbon and even offset the methane. Grazing animals even can be most effective in reversing desertification when prevented from overgrazing.
Many grain and soy sources are carbon positive -- especially with all of the packaging.
"Promote veganism, but go with real facts!"

Tony - FoodsforLife said...

Glen - I'm sure we'd all love to see those elusive 'facts' - the ones that prove 2nd hand food (dairy / beef) is more carbon friendly than plant foods.

Perhaps you could provide them....?

Don't forget to factor in all the water and electricity and the driving the cows all the way to the slaughterhouse even for organic beef.

If you could find some 100% grass fed herds there are lots of consumers who would be interested in that information.

The NFU and DEFRA have been arguing about what "grass fed" means for a Quality Assurance Label for many years - last I heard they couldn't agree on a definition and what 'grass fed' actually meant.

Love to see your 'facts' Glenn, love to see the figures Glenn, do you have them Glen?

In the New Forest they are replacing cows with Horses as they can't make grass fed dairy pay it's way, nobody is willing to pay the higher price.