Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Christian Aid Partly to Blame For Carbon mess

Animal Aid: As charity launches climate change rallies... Christian Aid plan exposed

With some livestock losses in Africa running at nearly 93% not only is money to Christian Aid to 'send a cow' a waste of money - it actually exasperates the situation and makes things worse. Cattle all have to eat and drink too putting a tremendous strain on limited resources.

Animal Aid Director Andrew Tyler says:

‘Christian Aid’s emotive advertising has featured photographs of dead, bloated goats in barren landscapes. Cattle losses in regions such as Northern Kenya are as high as 93%. Yet Christian Aid encourages the public to give money so that more animals can be provided for communities that cannot support them. The number of hoofed animals in sub-Saharan Africa increased from around 275 million in 1961 to more than 655 million by 2005. In that same period, the levels of poverty and environmental destruction increased alarmingly. By providing more animals, Christian Aid will produce more human misery, more land degradation and ensure that more animals will die from starvation, thirst and exhaustion.’

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