Monday, June 25, 2007

Supervegan - Steph Davis

supernatural supervegan super humans: Super Vegan rock climber - Steph Davis

Real life Spiderman top rock climber and vegan Steph Davis. No coincidence that like Toby Maguire who bought Hollywood Spiderman to life using a vegan diet Steph Davis claims her success is due to a vegan diet.

spiderman, steph davis


stefka said...

Thanks so much for including me, and for your kind words! Yes, I became vegan five years ago, and have experienced a dramatic improvement athletically. I wanted to invite you to visit my blog too, at
Have fun, and take care! Steph

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

Not just clever - gorgeous too! great website - great movies - Loved the crackhouse movie HOW DO YOU DO THAT!??!

Why do you do that?

And without any of that stickystuff spiderman uses.