Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Disgrace! Britney Spears Caught Without Pants With Paris Hilton

No this site hasn't been hacked by Porn-sters!
Britney Spears Caught without panties / knickers by paparazzi whilst partying with Paris Hilton IT'S A DISGRACE! Not a disgrace that Britney Spears is so in need of media attention that she has to hook up with party hound Paris Hilton and flaunt her pantie knicker-less uncensored bare binkie for the paparazzi 3 times in a week - no that's just sad. The disgrace is that people around the world are so even more sad that search engines are burning hot and freaking out with searches for Britney Spears Free naked Crotch Photos , Britney Spears caught without panties getting out of car, Britney Spears caught partying nude with Paris Hilton , Free High Resolution Photos of Britney Spears crotch? etc etc etc.

I mean for goodness sake!!!!! - there's a dirty great hole in the ozone layer, the marine ecosystem is about to collapse from overfishing, the planet is running out of food because we are feeding it all to Factory Farmed animals, we are running out of water, the ice caps are melting which could throw us into a new ice age and we are running out of fresh air to breath.

What's the most important thing on our kid's minds? - Britney Spears' shaved, naked front bottom!

Here's the deal - we help you (yes you! you are reading this aren't you?)stop wasting your time looking for Britney Spears' pussy - you use the time saved constructively to try and save the planet? Deal or no deal? *sigh*

Q) Is there any hope for the human race??????????????
A) Yes Go Vegan!


Anonymous said...

Hi Tony, I actually read this post because I subscribe to your feed, and so I also care about the animals the environment, etc. Nonetheless, I'm left wondering, did you post this entry to entrap vacuous web-surfers and force them to think about important stuff, or are not you, too, ensnared by the general fascination with Britney's "front bottom," as you so delicately put it?

It is, afterall, a potent combination: celebrity and the powerful draw of female genitalia. I think there's something more profound going on in the flurry of search activity for Britney's beaver. Something to do with a searching for the enigma of life (concealed in the guise of the enigma of woman)... an impulse that is also satisfied by a concern for the environment and the lives of non-human animals.

Anyway, just putting that out there. I was interested in what the confluence of these things in your blog might throw up.

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

I am fully ensnared by my very clever and enigmatic wife who is much better looking than Britney Spears in all departments .

She keeps herself fully censored, wrapped up snugly with any chart topping teenage thongs un revealed and exposed for the voracious XXX appetite of the Paparazzi.

However I do feel I have a duty to subscribers to keep this blog topical.....;-)

Harald Walker said...

While this post will most likely bring some extra visitors to your site it will also get your site blacklisted and censored, which would be a pity.

Tony - FoodsForLife said...

Hi Harald

(Great website by the way)

I'm sorry you feel this way - which bits and parts in particular do you find offensive?

Even the actual uncensored pictures could hardly be classed as pornography. I've seen worse in social studies at school 30 years ago.

The issue is who it is rather than what it is.

It's not like the infamous Paris Hilton video tapes (which I've never seen I'd hasten to add)

I'm surprised at your comment

' will also get your site blacklisted and censored, which would be a pity. '

It would not only be a pity but also be ridiculous -

I think there's a valid discussion to be had here.

What chance is there for the future of the world if the powers that be are left to successfully encourage our children to be more concerned about celebrities and reality TV shows than the air that we breathe, global warming and an epidemic of preventable diseases.?

Anne Russell said...

You Brits! Too funny!