Friday, September 08, 2006

Omega 3 from Fish Oils not sustainable

Fish Oil IQ test a red herring says leading London nutritionist on ITN - Video

Founder of Foods For Life Yvonne Bishop-Weston tells ITV ITN reporter Chris Choi that Fish oil is not a long term solution for UK school children. "It's unsustainable both financially and environmentally"

ITN report microscopic sea plants ( Algae )may be a cheaper more environmentally friendly option to address the predicament of low levels of omega 3 long chain fatty acids DHA and EPA in childrens diets.

Meanwhile Jamie Oliver star of Jamies School Dinners on Channel 4 says parents who fail to properly feed their children are "arseholes and tossers"

Yvonne says parents should be more responsible but not blamed as the people who they look to for guidance such as Doctors and Schools have a limited understanding of nutrition themselves.

"When you have Burger King offering Hospital Catering (Croydon, Southampton, Cambridge) it's a bit harsh to start calling parents rude names - Mr Oliver needs to aim his fully loaded barrels a bit higher!" advises Yvonne.

New interim guidelines for caterers of school meals were released by DfES , SFT and Govt this week. Free water has to be made available, less fatty and sugary foods, and it's now illegal to feed school children testicles, rectum, udder, feet and other nasty smelly bits of animals often hidden in sausages, burgers and twizzlers.

See video ITN report on Fish Oils

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