Thursday, June 08, 2006

Fish in Omega 3 Fortified Milk, Eggs & Cheese is Vegetarian Society's Worst Nightmare

Something Fishy Going On? Omega 3 Fortified Milk, Eggs & Cheese is Vegetarian Society Worst Nightmare

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Despite publicity about toxity in fish, and unsustainability of fish stocks, fish oils are increasingly being added to dairy products to increase levels of omega 3 essential fatty acids. This could be The Vegetarian Society's worst nightmare as milk, cheese, yoghurts and margarine are no longer acceptable for a vegetarian diet. However a new vegetarian EPA Omega 3 product could save their veggie bacon.

A Report from Flora margarine says that 80% of consumers are concerned that they are not getting enough Omega 3.

Even the BMJ admit there are not enough fish in the sea to cope with present demand.

Algae based Vegetarian DHA EPA seems the logical answer. See V-Pure from Water 4 Life for more info.

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