Monday, May 15, 2006

Big Brother Tony Blair Liar Liar Bum's on Fire

Telegraph | News | Tony Blair: Time to act against animal rights protesters

Big Brother Tony Blair prove's he's a Liar Liar Bum's on Fire Bliar Bliar writing in the Torygraph.

"Many millions more will be spared an early death or a life of pain because of the research now under way. They deserve our support. And they should get it."

Meanwhile innocent campaign administrators have been arrested and sent to jail despite no evidence that they have actually done anything apart from run a successful campaign and print leaflets, send emails and run websites.

Blair talks about keeping shareholders and company directors names a secret - is this guy masonic or demonic?

Little wonder Labour did so badly in the local elections - they've well and truly lost the bunny vote.

It seems he is intent on being big pharma's puppet in protecting their illegal activities and disgusting inhumane torture. He has no excuse - he has been shown undercover evidence of what goes on and HLS's illegal activities but obviously the hand up his backside is too big to allow him to stop licking these criminal's bottoms.

For the truth see

What Doctors Don't Tell you


Dr Hadwen Trust



Jackie said...

Thanks for the post. Tony Blair has turned out to be a ruthless human being, may his days in Government be numbered.

There is a poll running at Sky News for/against animal testing. Please vote as those "for" animal testing are winning at this stage.,,91153-1003444,00.html

KleoPatra said...

i love this blog!!!