Monday, April 24, 2006

Bernard Matthews Battered Turkey in Bird Baseball Horror

bernard mathews battered turkey in bird baseball horror

Bernard Mathews THE BIRD BATTERER: "By Jeremy Armstrong
TURKEYS at a Bernard Matthews farm were thrown in the air and battered with a pole in scenes of 'appalling cruelty' filmed by undercover investigators. "

The footage was taken by an undercover investigator from Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham, Norfolk. He secretly filmed the farm workers on Friday in the shed, which holds thousands of birds for Bernard Matthews' multi-million pound empire.

The investigator, a 50-year-old cameraman who has worked extensively for the BBC, Channel 4 and newspapers over the past nine years, said: "This is by far the worst cruelty that I have witnessed. When he hit the birds it made a terrible sound. It was sickening."

It is not the first time alleged cruelty has been exposed at a farm run by Bernard Matthews, famed for his catchphrase "Boo tiful, really bootiful" and Turkey Twizzlers slated by TV chef Jamie Oliver in his crusade for healthier children's food.

Bernard Mathews was reported as having to take a massive paycut down from £1million to £595 million as he borrowed £130 million to buy out other shareholders after profits dropped 15% from £46 million to £39 million per year.

The Turkey Batterer Bird Baseball Video footage can be seen on Sky news - more info and footage at Hillside Animal Sanctuary

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