Monday, November 07, 2005

McDonalds get state protection.

Fast Food - Escape Fat Food Responsibility. Even if the fast food giants are found guilty and more evidence is provided that prove giant food companies knowingly encouraged customers to over eat (supersize me) cheap, unhealthy, sugar, fat and salt rich, highly calorofic, fat producing food, they are now protected by congress from being held responsible.

WASHINGTON -- The Republican-controlled House voted Wednesday to shield fast-food chains from lawsuits that blame them for making people fat.

Nicknamed the "cheeseburger bill," the measure stems from lawsuits accusing McDonald's of causing obesity in tens of thousands of children. The food industry has asked Congress and state legislatures to protect it from liability, and so far, 21 states have agreed.

The measure, which won approval on a 306-120 vote, would prevent class action lawsuits blaming restaurants and food companies for weight gain or obesity. The House passed a similar bill last year, but the Senate ran out of time to act.

Two-thirds of American adults are overweight, and nearly one-third are obese, while obesity among children and teenagers more than doubled in the past 30 years, according to government estimates.

Fast food giants and global food manufacturers are now free to take advantage of the nutritionally naive and let the health insurers and state health services pick up the tab for fast food irresponsibility and greed.

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