Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Live Exports Start From Dover Again.


It is now certain that a private company is attempting to restart live animal exports from Dover.

Empty Dutch transporters were seen leaving the docks (complete with a police escort) to go up north to load up for the journey from Dover from Tuesday Night.

Demos will start approx 8pm. The animals are expected to leave on a midnight sailing.It appears that the export consignment has been arranged by Machins of Yorkshire; well known to Dover campaigners from days gone by.

In October 1998, Machins had their export licence revoked by the Government as they and their drivers were found guilty of no less than 377 breaches of animal welfare and transport rules. Source: The Express - Thurs October 22nd, 1998.

Around November 1999 at Dover Magistrates Court, Machins were fined £7,800 plus £100 costs after pleading guilty to transporting unfit lambs. The lambs were severely lame due to foot rot and were unfit to travel.

Complaints please to Dover Harbour on 01304 240400 and

The State Veterinary Service (Dover) on 01304 240020.

The KALE Hotline 01304 204688 is the best way to keep updated with news.


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