Saturday, December 24, 2016

Vegan Call for Marmite Label to say 100% vegan


Vegans ask; Please change marmite label to read 100% vegan not 100% vegetarian. Please note exploding vegan trends and come out of the closet on marmite's vegan status.

Is Marmite Vegan ? Yes! Why doesn't it say 100% vegan?
Interest in veganism double in two years, then doubled in 12 months and at the beginning of 2017 during Veganuary doubled again. VegfestUK Vegan Festivals have seen record numbers of visitors despite many new vegan festivals springing up all over the UK, 

It's time Marmite took note and changed the label to 100% vegan.

Please sign petition via this link here  -

Rates of interest in veganism have seem phenomenal increase not just in the UK but Globally

It's time Marmite took note

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