Sunday, November 16, 2014

New Lyrics for Feed The World - Do They Know It's Christmas at All

Over 6 Billion Farm Animals will Die This Christmas
Weapons of Mass Destruction
Whilst not wanting to diminish the fantastic efforts of the Band Aid musicians and pop stars for their efforts to reduce the suffering of people in West Africa suffering with Ebola ( Go buy the BandAid30 track if you haven't already), and I agree with Bob Geldof, a disease that prohibits you from comforting and touching loved ones is most abhorrant, meanwhile billions of other Earthlings' lives face torture and death unnecessarily, every Christmas, every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute, every second.

Every year it's estimated 56 billion farm animals (that's not even including all marine life e.g. smoked salmon  prawns, dolphins and whales) are tortured and killed just for fun. Just for our culinary entertainment, just to ammuse our tastebuds, just because we are too lazy and set in our ways to find vegan alternatives that taste just as good, are usually healthier , undoubtably have far less detrimental impact on the planet are fairer and just as nutritious.

Do the animals know it's Christmas ? No! So here are some new vegan / vegetarian lyrics to the Feed the World Christmas song to highlight that there are billions of lives of animals who don't know that it's Christmas time at all and it's business as usual for the people with the electric prods and stun guns and bolt guns and knives and saws sloshing about in a sea of blood.

Feed the World 

(more healthily and more sustainably and more ethically)

It’s Christmas time – if you're an animal you should be afraid
At Christmas time – 5 billion will die,  for the food that's made
Yet in our world of plenty – we could spread a smile of joy
If we ate, like herbivores
At Christmas time

So say a prayer – pray for 'the other ones'
At Christmas time – s' not that hard , you can still have fun

There’s a world outside your window – and it’s a world of dread and hate
If you're not a pet they'll kill you – and you could end up on a plate
And the Christmas bells that ring there – are the clanging chimes of doom
Well tonight 'thank God it's them instead of you' ( ?)

There's No peace and joy this Christmas time in Burger King
Nor MaccyD's or KFC or Pret..... woah
Where all Santa brings is fear
It's the same thing every year
How can they know it’s Christmas time at all?

What to do?
Change your diet everyone!
Save the world
And the children yet to come!
Let them know it’s Christmas after all

Feed the world - Change your plan for dinner time
Save the world - Change your plans for dinner time
Heal the world - Let them know it’s Christmas time again

Vegan Parody, Meme - Lyrics by Bob Geldof, Midge Ure BandAid30 and Tony Bishop-Weston
Free Video coming soon - watch this space

New law on parody by the European Copyright Directive October 1st 2014 allows parody for humour and / or mockery as long as it isn't offensive i.e. Racist

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